Custom braided jewelry using tail hairs from your horse.

Silver large snaffle bit necklace with movable joint.  Also available in gold.



A beautiful keepsake.  A treasured memory.



This got started because I wanted something from Sonny.  He was our first baby, the horse I finished out my USDF bronze medal on and the first horse I ever did tempi changes on.  We let him go when he was 23.  I collected some of his tail hairs and wanted a piece of horsehair jewelry from them but didn't see any designs that I liked.  Many of them were also very expensive. So I learned how to make a 4 strand round braid and hunted around for findings.  I settled on the snaffle bit design since I ride dressage it fit my style better than anything I had seen on the market.  I was also able to make a few pieces for other people who were a part of Sonny's life.  I've gotten a lot of nice complements when I wear the snaffle bit necklace and thought other people might like something like this.